Anna’s Organic Afternoon Blend

Anna’s Organic Afternoon Blend

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Uplifting and indulgent with layers of forest raspberry and subtle mint. Perfect for the afternoon when you need a loving moment for yourself or a reminder that all is good. Pairs well with a midday stretch and a peaceful meditation. 

Who is Anna?

Ingredients: organic forest raspberry leaves, organic birch leaves, organic oregano, organic mint, organic lemon balm, organic lady’s mantle, organic meadowsweet, organic wild strawberry leaves, organic chamomile, organic calendula

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How To Brew: No need for precise measurements or fussy thermometers — just 2 to 3 hearty tablespoons of tea per mug of water and steep for a minimum of five minutes. How long you steep is a matter of personal taste. Unlike “true teas” made from tea plants, herbal teas do not get bitter as they steep. 

All Lauku Tea orders come with a How To Brew guide and a food-grade unbleached cheesecloth to use as a reusable strainer.

Read more about How To Brew.

Lauku Tea blends are 100% EU and USDA Certified Organic and naturally caffeine-free. Our small batch blends are made from the most recent growing season. There is no warehouse of goods, and no old product is ever used. Also available in a sampler set.

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