Lauku Tea // 100% EU and USDA Organic herbal tea harvested by hand
Lauku Tea // Only the goodness of nature in our teas

About Our Tea

Lauku Tea blends are 100% EU and USDA Certified Organic and naturally blended from herbs, flowers, fruits, and trees of rural Europe. There is no warehouse of goods, no old product is ever used.

Unlike other herbal blends, our tea doesn’t depend on added flavors, oils or spices. Lauku Tea takes its flavor from the soil, rain and sunshine of each growing season in Latvia. As a result, the flavors are bright and clean. The ingredients in Lauku Tea are used for their flavor only and are not medicinal strength.

Each ingredient in Lauku Tea is planted, cared for, harvested, dried and packaged entirely by hand by the Lukina family and guests they welcome to Ozolini on a workshare.


Lauku Tea // 100% Organic European Herbal Tea
I just want to say how enthralled I am with the tea. This is probably one of the best cups of tea I have ever had, and the story behind your company makes it even better. Thank you so much. I look forward to ordering more!
— Kim, Facebook