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Where does Lauku Tea source its tea?
From Ozolini farm in countryside of Latvia. The Lukina family has cared for Ozolini by hand for generations. Herbs, leaves and berries harvested from Ozolini are dried and packaged in a building on the farm lovingly nicknamed Little Tea HouseRead more about Our Story.

Is Lauku Tea organic?
Yes! Both EU and USDA certified organic.

Evita Lukina and her daughter Lote foraging for berries.

Evita Lukina and her daughter Lote foraging for berries.

Every ingredient in Lauku Tea is harvested by hand.

Every ingredient in Lauku Tea is harvested by hand.

What kind of packaging does Lauku Tea come in?
In a 100% recyclable clear satchel, our way of showing the goodness from Latvia inside.

How long will Lauku Tea stay fresh?
2 years from the packaged date. The expiration date is on a small white sticker on each bag. We recommend keeping your teas airtight, dry, and out of direct sunlight. To ensure Lauku Tea is fresh, we only sell what was grown and packaged each season. There is no warehouse of goods, and you will never receive old product. Read more about Our Tea.

How much will each bag of tea make?
Our 9-gram sample bags will make 2–3 cups, our 1-ounce bags will make 10–15 cups, and our 2-ounce bags will make 20–30 cups. Because of its high quality, Lauku Tea can be steeped 2–3 times, depending on how strong you like your tea. Some say it’s even tastier the second steep! Read more about Our Tea.

Why are there only three tea blends? Will you have more?
Yes! While we chose to start simple by offering our three most plentiful blends, there will be new blends available soon. Sign up for our email newsletter so we can properly introduce you once they’re ready.

Do you sell gift certificates?
Not at this time, but our Latvian Sun Sampler is a wonderfully unique and thoughtful gift! It includes each of our three blends, a hand-carved applewood spoon and a “Riga Rooster” honey lollipop. We will also include a personalized message from you.

What if there is a problem with my order?
Your happiness with our product is most important. If there is ever a problem with your order, please email us at We will contact you promptly and work quickly to resolve any issues.

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