Who Is Brigita, Anna and Evita?

Brigita (left) and Evita (right) enjoying a sunny Latvian afternoon on Ozolini farm

Our tea blends are named for the three women who represent the past, present and future of Ozolini farm and Lauku Tea — Anna, Brigita and Evita. So...who are these women?


Anna and her family were the original inhabitants of Ozolini in the early half of the 1900s. They named the land Ozolini, which means “little oak,” because of the plentiful oak trees surrounding the farm. Anna’s Afternoon Blend reminds us that her influences still remain. All the original farm buildings and herb gardens she built on Ozolini are still intact and in use. 


Brigita discovered the abandoned Ozolini farm in 1977 with her husband Dima. In an old cookbook left behind in the kitchen, Brigita found the recipe for fermented apple leaf tea that would start her on the path to launching Lauku Tea in 1992.  Brigita’s Daylight Blend was the first blend she created. 

Her whole life, Brigita has been a preserver and lover of nature. She grew up spending her summers in the country with her grandmother. Lauku Tea exists because of Brigita wanted to share the gift of nature with others.


Evita is Brigita’s daughter-in-law and shares the same love of nature and sense of responsibility for the land. In 2014, Evita left her office job to become the current steward of Ozolini farm. She also left to spend more time with her family at home. Evita’s Twilight Blend is the favorite blend her family loves to share together.

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Hugs and bućas!