These Adorable Triplets and Their Garbage Men BFFs

from triplets' mother Martha Sugalski's Facebook page

from triplets' mother Martha Sugalski's Facebook page

We are absolutely smitten by these triplets and their garbage men BFFs. Every Tuesday and Friday, the triplets anxiously await Andrew Black, Rob Whitmore, and Chad Cover to show up. From the triplets' mother, Martha Sugalski: 

“The crew gets out of the truck and they high-five the babies and give fist bumps and we talk. They spend 10 to 15 minutes with us every Tuesday and Friday. We’ve been doing this for over two and a half years. Over time, it’s just really become a caring, close friendship with these guys.”

If you're in need of a big dose of adorableness, watch a few videos of the triplets enthusiastically greeting their friends and bringing them treats on Matha Sugalski's Facebook page. Guaranteed to fill your heart with love.  

Hugs and bućas!

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