The Story of the Rose Petal

Lauku Tea Blog // The Story of the Rose Petal

Did you know there is a single pink rose petal in every 1-oz and 2-oz bag of Brigita’s Daylight Blend? It's like the grown-up, nature-inspired version of finding the toy in your cereal box when you were a kid.

Brigita places the delicately-dried petal in the bags herself as a final symbol of love — love for her farm, love for nature, love for her dear tea drinkers, and love for beauty. Evita, steward of Ozolini farm and Brigita’s daughter-in-law, explains:

“That is the final touch of love — a love for beauty. Brigita has a soul of artist, and that’s why there are three equally important quality measurements for every tea we make — tea should be good for the overall health of people, tea should taste great, and tea should look beautiful.”

You’ll find Brigita’s Daylight Blend in our Shop, complete with your very own Latvian rose petal. (And as always, free shipping on every order. No minimum!)

Hugs and bućas!