Here They Are—the Secrets to a Long and Healthy Life

For years, explorer and author Dan Buettner has studied why people in some parts of the world live so much longer than others. His travels took him to places like Greece, Japan and Nicaragua where he found “Blue Zones”—towns and villages where people reach the age of 100 at “extraordinary rates.”

During his studies, Buettner found similarities consistent among every Blue Zone even though these places were often isolated and on other parts of the world from each other. What were these similarities? The key to a long happy life, Buettner says, is diet, sex, naps, wine, and good friends. Sign us up!  

“First of all, we have Blue Zone food guidelines, which offer a clear prescription for what we ought to be eating if we’re interested in living to 100.
Number two: we ought to take a hard look at our social networks. If your friends are sitting on the couch eating Doritos, there’s about a 150% chance that you will be, too.
Number three is to get really clear about your purpose in life. According to Gallop, fewer than a third of Americans are doing what they love at work. So, if you’re not living out your purpose at work, you’d better be doing it at home or in your extracurricular or volunteer activities.”

So dear readers, never again feel guilty or overindulgent for that weekend afternoon nap or that glass of wine with dinner. Treating yourself with love and kindness is the best kind of life, no matter how long it may be.

Hugs and bućas!

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