Practicing Gratitude Isn’t Always a Good Thing

Gratitude apps. Gratitude journals. Gratitude craft jars and daily practices that promise “once you’re in the habit of gratitude, your life will be so much better.” And for some it might be, and that’s awesome. But what if there are days when finding something to be grateful for just isn't possible? Is gratitude now yet another thing I can fail at? I mean, sure, there's always air, I suppose. I'm thankful for oxygen.

But some days, when things are really bad, breathing might not even feel like something to be thankful for. And you know what? That’s perfectly ok. Feelings—good or bad—should be allowed to be felt, not forced or guilted on us.

From a Thought Catalog article on gratitude:

“While there’s certainly a significant benefit to seeing the bright side of bad situations, it’s definitely not healthy to function from a place of ‘this is bad but I’ll be grateful for it anyway.’ In this mindset, we merely encourage the complacence that masks what could otherwise prompt us to make important and life-altering changes.
It’s not necessary to only ever feel grateful no matter the circumstances if grateful isn’t what we feel. This is not the way to create a life without struggles or hardships or tragedies, because those things will happen no matter how grateful we pretend we are; this is merely the way to create a life of insincerity and dishonesty about ourselves and who we are and what we truly want and need in order to thrive.”

Read the full article on Thought Catalog, then accept yourself as you are now, however you may feel. 

Hugs and bućas!

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