Meet Evita, the Future of Ozolini Farm

In case you haven't visited the Our Story page of our website, we'd love to introduce you to Evita, daughter-in-law of Brigita and future generation of Lauku Tea.

For Evita and her family, tea is less of a ritual and more something that blends with their everyday lives. From Evita...

One of us will say “Lets have a cup of tea.” And sometimes we have it as a whole family, while other times we have it one-on-one. Every time is so special and heartwarming. 
With Lote (Evita’s daughter) we have a girls chat. We'll fix Evita's or Anna's tea. Lote is very into the process. We sit down and Lote says ‘Tell me about your day,’ and we'll share what comes to our minds. I tell her how many bags of tea I've made and Lote shares her day at school. She is 7 and attends the 1st grade. She dances and sings and draws. A little artist lives in her! 
Miks (Evita's son) is 12 and has a wonderful sense of humor. He has a passion for history and is in a paleontology group at school. His mind is always active, so tea is something Miks uses to calm his mind. He simply loves Evita's tea. Miks reaction is always as if he's having it for the first time: ‘Oh it's so good!’ Especially if there's a bit of honey. 
Martins (Evita's husband) is a nature scientist and very good in sustainable forestry. He often travels to track wild animals, like wolves and bears. so he will fix Anna's or Brigita's tea in his thermos every morning and enjoy it throughout the day. We both have flexible schedules and sometime both work from home on the same day. We taking turns fixing tea for each other, our little way to show love.

Evita's Twilight Blend is perfect for family time, pairing well with bedtime stories and forehead kisses.

Hugs and bućas!