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We’re loving an article this week from No Sidebar encouraging us to feel less guilt about doing things for ourselves. The part I find sad (and a little scary) about this article is that you won't find what might be considered indulgences on this list, like massages or vacations. Rather, this is a list of basic human needs that we all-too-often deprive ourselves of. Things like sitting, seeking joy, feeling our feelings, or enjoying solitude. From the article:

“That word, guilty, pops up so often in our lives. For a while, I thought I felt less of it than other women I know and love. I’m comfortable taking a different pace than a lot of my peers. But lately I’ve been noticing so many areas where guilt pops up, both for me and for the people I’m close to.
Guilt serves us when it helps us notice and address our shortcomings. But dwelling in it only slows our growth. Worse yet, sometimes we feel guilt for no good reason at all. I love these tongue-in-cheek words from Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes, ‘There’s no problem so awful, that you can’t add some guilt to it and make it even worse.’
Next time you feel that too-familiar pang of guilt, push back a little. Ask yourself if this is something you can genuinely learn from and improve on. If so, make note, do your best to follow through, and move on.”

Read No Sidebar's “Let's Stop Feeling Guilty About These 7 Things” in its entirety, then share with us on Facebook if you're guilty of feeling guilty about any of these. (I have problems with #2, 3 and 6.) Let's all agree together to be a little more selfish-thinking this year.

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