Recipe: Lauku Tea Citrus Spritzer

It's the heart of summer, which for us means ice cold cocktails on the porch after work. With a full pitcher of Evita's Blend freshly brewed in our fridge, we thought why not try and use it as a mixer. So we did the hard work for you, dear readers, sampling several recipes until we came up with this one—the winner, and by far most refreshing tea cocktail we've ever tasted—the Lauku Tea Citrus Spritzer. 

As we like to think of recipes more like guidelines, here are the relaxed instructions for making your own Lauku Tea Citrus Spritzers. Feel free to tweak and tease to your liking.

Lauku Tea Citrus Spritzer


  • unsweetened iced tea (preferably one of our blends)
  • your vodka of choice (bourbon might also taste delicious)
  • sparkling or soda water
  • lemonade
  • fresh lime, lemon or orange wedges (or one of each!)


  • Fill a tall glass with ice and pour two fingers of vodka (or bourbon). 
  • Fill with equal parts iced tea and soda water, leaving roughly two inches at the top.
  • Top with a splash of lemonade and freshly-squeezed citrus fruit. Be generous with the citrus fruit as it really amps up the refreshing-ness. Is that a word?
  • Cheers, and enjoy!

Hugs and bućas!

Have you used Lauku Tea in a cocktail? We'd love to hear about it! Please share your recipes with us at

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