How To Brew a Tea Party for Your Dolls (plus popsicles!)

When we heard our dear friend's daughter, Sophie, loves hosting tea parties for her dolls, we sent her our Brigita's Daylight Blend, the perfect blend for a summer party. 

A package arrived from Lauku Tea topped with a Riga Rooster lollipop. Sophie thought the dried flowers and apples looked pretty.

Sophie dressed her backyard picnic table with a cozy blanket and charming cups and saucers. With her Mom's help, Sophie made a cup of tea for each of her guests. Oh tea, why must good things only come to those who wait. 

Sophie and her guests agree that tea is worth the wait, especially when her Mom adds just a bit of honey.

After enjoying their cups of tea, Sophie's Mom had the brilliant idea of using the leftover tea to make Honey Tea Popsicles. Perfect for summer!

Just a few hours in the freezer, then Sophie can enjoy a cool (and healthy!) treat.

Hugs and bućas!

Do you have a special tradition, occasion, or method when brewing your tea? If so, we would love to hear about it! Please share your brew stories with us at

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