Girls Can Be Farmers Too

Lauku Tea Blog // Girls Can Be Farmers Too
Lauku Tea Blog // Girls Can Be Farmers Too

Photographer Audra Mulkern, creator of The Female Farmer Project, was bothered by an email she received which told the story of a 5-year-old girl who thought “only boys were farmers.”

“I have to be honest, that email kept me up all night.” Mulkern shared on her blog

Obviously the idea that farmers are only boys is far from true, and Mulkern herself has done a tremendous service to disparage that stereotype with The Female Farmer Project. But still, take a look at most children’s books and you’ll likely see the same visual representation of a farmer — an older, white male. It’s easy to see why that 5-year-old girl thought the way she did. So Mulkern got to work:

“I wanted to find a way to show girls that they too could be farmers, but in a fun interactive way. A way that they get to decide what the farmer looks like; is she white, black? Old, young? I could provide the outline, they provide the creativity.”

Mulkern enlisted the help of an artist friend, Joe Lee Davidson, to turn one of her photos into a coloring page, then held a coloring contest for a chance to win a Farmer Barbie. (Yes, a Farmer Barbie. We didn't know she existed either, but we love her!) Hopefully the success of her coloring page contest will lead Mulkern and Davidson to create a full “Farmer Girl” coloring book.

Although the contest is closed, you can still download the coloring page here. And p.s., if you want to support women-grown agriculture, visit our Shop. ;)

Hugs and bućas!

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