Curate Your Life and the Rest Will Follow

We can’t get enough of this article by Paula Pant about curating your life. Pant argues that because our digital photos are now so plentiful, we don't review and cherish them as much as we do our grandmother’s 1940 snapshots. And it's not just photographs, it's most everything in life: the more items we own, the less we value them. From Pant's article:

Owning less isn’t deprivation. It’s curation. The less we own, the more space in our lives for things that matter. If we want to boost happiness, we must curate our belongings (and lives) with the same swift ruthlessness that a museum director uses to curate his exhibit.

Because here’s the reality: we have space for anything, but not everything.

The full article is worth a read. Happy curation!

Hugs and bućas!

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