A Year at Ozolini: February

This year, dear readers, we’re giving you an intimate look at where your tea comes from! As the Latvian seasons change, Evita will give us a tour of Ozolini farm and share her stories of family, artisanship, and organic farming. This month, she shows us what February looked like on Ozolini farm. 

(If you missed her post from January, catch up here.)



February, 2017

February is still deep Winter, but you can sense the change. Nature has deeply inhaled, waiting for the first moments of Spring. Days have become notably longer, there is more light, and on a day like this, Agnese (my photographer friend) and I were alone on the Ozolini farm. But were we really?

Our dogs were with, of course, and you know them already from last month, so let me introduce our cats. A long-time dream of Brigita’s has come true with the newest addition to our home — Micika, the Siamese cat. She is very shy and meets everyone with a fair amount of caution.

Lauku Tea // February on Ozolini Farm
Lauku Tea // February on Ozolini Farm

And Muris, he has lived with us for 3 years or so. Over the warm season, he tends to disappear for weeks and presents himself back whenever he pleases, as cats do. It might be a couple of weeks and we have lost all hope that he will return, but he always does and is ready to exchange storms of love and tactile affection.

We notice the presence of wildlife in footprints in the snow, and titmouse near our porch enjoy their treats. Dima, my father-in-law, has made a winter feast for them. It's quite impressive — there are seeds and bacon served everyday, all winter long.

I find 100% true the saying “in the forest, I go to lose my mind and find my soul.” The apple trees on Ozolini, white and majestic in Winter. The oak along the road has stairs for anyone traveling to make a stop, climb up, and become a bird, at least for a little while.

Lauku Tea // February on Ozolini Farm
Lauku Tea // February on Ozolini Farm
Lauku Tea // February on Ozolini Farm
Lauku Tea // Ozolini in February

The nature here at Ozolini still takes its break. We can still rest from the abundance of colors and the bustle of guests and reconcile with the source of strength within us. That’s our wish to you — take a walk, introduce a little nature, and find your strength.

Hugs and bućas,

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