A Simple Cheesecloth Makes the Best Tea Strainer

Lauku Tea // Simple Cheesecloth Makes the Best Tea Strainer

Brewing loose leaf tea is really not that different then brewing tea in a bag. The concept is the same — pour water into a mug over your tea, allow time to steep, then remove the tea. But there’s always one question— how do I remove the tea without a tea bag?

There are plenty of fun gadgets available for whole leaf tea drinkers — from adorable novelty tea strainers to the more sophisticated French press. But we found tea strainers in general to be difficult to clean. Tea leaves get stuck in every nook and cranny, and it takes more time than necessary to rinse them all away.

Our favorite solution? The humble cheesecloth.

A cheesecloth can be turned inside out, shaken, rinsed, then wrung dry and set aside for another use. You can buy a ton of organic cheesecloth online for next to nothing then cut it down to the size you need — a  6” square for a single cup, 10” for a pitcher. Cut a bunch and store them in your cupboard next to your tea. It’s the perfect low-cost solution to make brewing loose leaf tea effortless.

We love it so much we put a free square of food-grade cheesecloth in every order or Lauku Tea. After all, we want you to spend your time enjoying your tea, not cleaning up afterwards.

Hugs and bućas!

Hugs and bućas from Lauku Tea!
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