A Nudge... (and a special offer!)

You know that friend of yours? The one that nudged you into buying that fabulous pair of boots, and taking that figure art class even though it made you blush? The friend who reminded you of the “could be’s” when you were hesitant about going on that date? 

We all hesitate at first around that friend. But thinking back, we realize some of the things we tried (truth: most of the things we tried) turned out pretty good. Great, even! They opened our mind to a new ways of thinking and gave us experiences we never would've experienced on our own had we not been “nudged.”

I’m nudging you. I’m nudging you to complete your order of Lauku Tea. Make yourself a cup, sit and relax, and let your mind wander to wherever you want to go. Be whoever you want to be. Relive whatever you want to experience. Yes, it’s a just a cup of tea, but who knows where it will take you.

Until April 7, 2017, use the code NUDGE when you check out and receive 20% off your purchase. And as always, there’s free shipping on every order. No minimum.

Hugs and bućas,