7 Ways to Make a Staycation Fun and Refreshing

One doesn't have to be a world traveler to feel like an adventurer. There's always something new to explore, even close to home—a restaurant that opened last month, a tour you've always wanted to take, a museum you've always wanted to visit, that winding wooded road you've driven past a hundred times and always wondered what's down there?  That’s the beauty of a staycation: all the thrill of discovery, none of the hassle of travel.

The good people at Thought Catalog created 7 Easy Ways to Make a Staycation Fun and Refreshing. Our favorite tip is to be a hometown tourist:

“Explore the attractions in your city that you may sometimes take for granted because you live there. Even if your town isn’t known for something big, look into local shops or restaurants that you haven’t been to before. Take a stroll through the park, go to the farmers market or the lake, learn more about your city and get involved in making it better.“

Read all 7 staycation tips here, then go out and find something new to love about your town.

Hugs and bućas!

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