4 Eco-Friendly Ways to Enjoy Lauku Tea

Lauku Tea is made the “old fashioned” way—grown organically, naturally and sustainably. We do this because we care deeply for the earth and its inhabitants, especially the little ones who will take over for us one day. So for them and the future, here are some ways to make Lauku Tea even more eco friendly.

1. “Cold” Brew Your Tea
Boiling water uses energy. Cold-brew tea uses no electricity and actually produces the purest flavor of tea. We understand with fall crispness is the air, “cold” tea is a hard sell, but despite its name, cold-brew tea can be done with room temperature water as well. Learn how to cold brew tea here.

2. Compost Your Leftover Tea
The organic dried fruits and herbs in Lauku Tea make perfect nutrient-filled additions for your compost heap. Composting leftover tea helps keep organic waste out of landfills, makes great soil, and keeps waste baskets dry. If you don't have a compost heap to toss it on, just spread the leftover leaves on the top of your plants' soil.

3. Take Lauku Tea To-Go
Investing in a good travel tea mug will not only keep disposable cups, lids, straws and cup sleeves out of landfills, but it's also the best way to take moments for yourself wherever you are. We love this Glass Infuser Bottle from UENDURE or this Tea-To-Go Tumbler from Uncommon Goods.

4. Gift the Good Stuff
Giving organic, eco-friendly gifts like Lauku Tea is a wonderful way to share the benefits of a sustainable lifestyle. Organic and sustainable products tend to be higher quality, more carefully and thoughtfully made, and safer for people as well as the environment. 

Care for yourself, then care for the earth.

Hugs and bućas!

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